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Violet Karamagi

How I Can Share My Expertise With You

The single most compelling driving-force behind how we handle our finances is our belief and value system.

Today’s world offers limitless access to information; but changing our behaviour is easier said than done.  Understanding the impact of our habits and redirecting them into something more positive and constructive is at the heart of the transformative work I do with my clients.

My mission is to help spread this message through interviews, blog posts, podcasts, live events and more.  Let’s work together to help people achieve financial stability, security and freedom!


Who I Serve

I help coaches, consultants, freelancers and therapists to find financial freedom and THRIVE in their business

About Me

I am accountant and coach (and a self-confessed stationery addict) with over a decade of experience in finance.

My goal is to help people live a life free of chains and back control of their finances – and to show business owners how they can THRIVE in their business!

I am a member Toastmasters International and a confident speaker. Through my business NetWorth Accounting, we run interactive and engaging workshops to help organisations give their clients/team a strong foundation for managing their money. 

We also offer private and small-group coaching where no question is too silly and no mistake is too big to put right! We believe no one is perfect, and the past does not define the future.

I am here to help you discover the means to your own success.


I can help you or your audience with…

  • Creating simple plans to align your business with your personal finances
  • Structuring your finances so you never have to dread the taxman!
  • Creating realistic spending plans and budgets that will SAVE you money
  • Ditching the “D” word (debt!) and all of the shame that comes with it – including how to negotiate manageable repayment plans
  • Bookkeeping made easy – for DIY business owners
  • Tips & strategies to get your finances on track
  • How to make good financial decisions
  • Tools and systems to help get on top of your finances
  • Working through money blocks and releasing money scarcity mentality
  • Industry specific support – business finances, bookkeeping and taxes for coaches, consultants, freelancers and therapists
  • What to do if you don’t have an accountant to help you with managing your finances, invoicing, taxes etc

    – and more!

If you have seen me write or talk about something that you’d love to share with your community or workplace, I would be happy to oblige!

Bonus Content

You may also be interested in some of my free resources which cover topics like those above, plus some! Please feel free to share these with your network, by providing a link to download the resource from this website. If you would like some created custom for your audience, let’s chat!

My Mission

NetWorth Accounting is dedicated to equipping people with the skills, habits and knowledge they need to ensure they don’t become another debt statistic – and live a life of financial freedom instead! We believe in helping our clients reach a place of true financial security where they can welcome the sight of their account balance.

Violet Karamagi, Founder

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