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(How to Avoid) Death by Numbers

TRUE OR FALSE? “You don’t have to be good with numbers to run a successful coaching/ consulting business. ” If you watch Dragons Den, you will notice that the Dragons are HOT on knowing the numbers in your business. Are they being difficult or tight with their money?

How to Manage Your Business Finances (No Accountant? No Problem!)

If you are a small business owner managing your own accounts and taxes – this is the no-fluff guide that will set you up for success! Whether you are new in business, or just wanting to a quick health check – this is your head start to financial confidence in your business.

Should you have a niche or not?

When I first started, everyone was a potential client – as long as they were paying! But after a while my business started feeling heavy. I wondered whether finding a niche would help. But how do we know when to niche – and what niche to pick? I’ll share my story…

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Book a 15 minute no-obligation call with me, to explore your current financial status and how to achieve FREEDOM from financial burden.

During our chat I’ll reveal how you can take the stress out of managing your accounts, taxes and books – so you can start making (and keeping!) more money in your business.