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We help you achieve financial freedom by developing excellent money habits for life.

NetWorth Accounting was founded by a chartered accountant with over a decade of experience and a fierce passion for helping people live a life free of chains. This blog and our other training and resources are designed to equip you with the skills, habits and knowledge required to live a life of financial freedom.

(How to Avoid) Death by Numbers

(How to Avoid) Death by Numbers

TRUE OR FALSE? “You don’t have to be good with numbers to run a successful coaching/ consulting business. ” If you watch Dragons Den, you will notice that the Dragons are HOT on knowing the numbers in your business. Are they being difficult or tight with their money?

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About Our Blog

So many of us live in fear of numbers. At NetWorth Accounting we believe in equipping you for financial autonomy that filters into every facet of your business and personal life. These articles are designed to our knowledge and help you prepare for a better financial future.

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