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Accounting & Tax Services

For Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers, and Therapists

Here’s how we help businesses like yours thrive

We run financial health checks for both your business and personal finances – so you can see where you stand and what needs to change.

We teach cash flow management to ensure that your business doesn’t run out of money or struggle to pay the bills.

We help you create a firm financial foundation to eliminate debt and create wealth in line with realistic spending plans.

We meet with you regularly to review how your business is doing, what can be improved, and how you’re tracking with your personal goals.

Our Philosophy

There are few greater pleasures than awakening a sense of financial control in our clients and providing the necessary tools for a life free of debt and financial woes.

We have a deep-seated passion for helping individuals and business alike discover the means to their own success.

Our philosophy is to help business owners build businesses that support their personal goals and financial dreams.

Our Pledge

Over and above providing a personalised service that helps clients regain financial control and debunks the myths surrounding both finance and accounts, we give you the tools and support necessary to feel confident that your accounts are in the right hands.

    Our account and tax services are designed to give you the maximum amount of financial relief and confidence, knowing that they are being taken care of, and someone is looking out for you.

    Not your average accountant…

    As a chartered certified accountant with over 11 years’ experience and as a trained coach myself, I understand that managing your business finances can be overwhelming.

    When you work with me, we’ll do all the usual stuff you’d expect your accountant to do (preparing and filling accounts, tax returns, VAT, payroll, bookkeeping) but it doesn’t stop there.

    We believe you deserve so much more than that!

    You deserve to be able to build a profitable business that supports your dreams and personal goals. We’ll make sure that your money goes where it should and any money leaks are stopped beforehand.

    You deserve to run a tax efficient business without stressing about being chased by the taxman. We’ll get you on top of your debts so that you can sleep easy, knowing you have the support you need to build your wealth.

    You deserve to feel about your finances the way you do about an idyllic stroll on a beautiful beach, or a relaxing Swedish massage.

    We don’t just care about your taxes, we care about YOU

    At NetWorth Accounting you aren’t just a name on a file, you are a person with goals and a life. While other accountants and service providers charge for every single thing, we know you are working tirelessly to support the lifestyle you deserve and have to be selective on how you spend your money.

    That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with actionable advice and resources designed to support your goals of financial freedom every step of the way.


    of small businesses spend over 80 hours a year on their taxes - that's 2 working weeks you can get back!


    of business owners say taxes & bookkeeping are the worst part of running a business - it doesn't have to be this way!


    of businesses outsource their tax preparation each year - JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

    Our Accounting & Tax Packages

    For Limited Companies

    Plans starting from £95/mo

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    For Sole Traders

    Plans starting from £75/mo

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    “I’ll be the first to admit that the financial side of my business isn’t my comfort zone, but having Violet take care of the books and keep me in the loop was a godsend!

    She’s super focused, very supportive and highly diligent. All the things you need in an accountant or bookkeeper.

    I highly recommend her.

    Gemma Went

    Business Coach & Mentor

    “Working with Violet has been the solid start my business finances needed. Violet helped me put best practices in place that meant I was able to pay my first year’s tax bill early and in its entirety.

    To know that I have someone I can trust to guide me towards financial success has been so reassuring when I have to be all things to my business.”


    Managing Director, TGRG Limited

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    With your accounting taken care of, you can find financial freedom!