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We help coaches, consultants, freelancers and therapists manage their finances so that you can thrive in your business!

We’ll take care of all the usual Accounting & Tax services you’d expect – and so much more. We make sure that your money goes where it should and that your business is tax efficient without money leaks. We help you get on top of your debts so that you can sleep easy, knowing you have the support you need to build your wealth.

We want to banish budget anxiety!

And we don’t simply mean hiding your bank balance from sight…

We believe in helping our clients reach a place of true financial security so you welcome the sight of your account balance.

Struggling with money can be scary, but you don’t need to worry about reaching out. We totally understand where people are in life – we’ve had our own struggles, made our own mistakes… and found our own financial freedom too.

NetWorth Accounting is dedicated to equipping you with the skills, habits and knowledge required to ensure you don’t become another debt statistic. Instead, you can look forward to a life financial security and a thriving business.

“Violet helped me put best practices in place that meant I was able to pay my first year’s tax bill early and in its entirety. It was a proud moment and one I hope to repeat as my business continues to grow.”


Managing Director, TGRG Limited

“The financial side of my business isn’t my comfort zone, but having Violet take care of the books and keep me in the loop was a godsend! She’s super focused, very supportive and highly diligent – all the things you need in an accountant or bookkeeper. I highly recommend her.”

Gemma Went

Business Consultant & Mentor

Are your business finances working for you?

When you opened your business, you likely had these wonderful ideas of how your life (and finances) would be; business would be booming, and money would be flowing.

Now that you have been working your coaching, consultant, freelance, or therapist business for a little while now, though, you are seeing that finances are tight and you have questions.

NetWorth Accounting can guide you back from being in the red in your business with our expertise and customised services.

You deserve a profitable business that supports your dreams and personal goals.

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(How to Avoid) Death by Numbers

(How to Avoid) Death by Numbers

TRUE OR FALSE? “You don’t have to be good with numbers to run a successful coaching/ consulting business. ” If you watch Dragons Den, you will notice that the Dragons are HOT on knowing the numbers in your business. Are they being difficult or tight with their money?

Wouldn’t it be nice to…

make a withdrawal FREE of the usual anxiety that comes with seeing your business bank balance, and live a life of financial security?

You imagine it would.
We know it will.

The numbers do not lie…

Now, more than ever, there is a need to reconstruct our behaviours and attitudes when it comes to how we manage our money, and help each other live a life of financial security.

According to The Money Charity October 2018 Report:

In 2018, the average UK adult was £30,965 in debt – more than average annual earnings!

The average person in the UK spends £984 a year on interest payments!

We can help you avoid these statistics!

You Can Live a Life of Financial Freedom